Soanyway is an online repository of words, pictures and sounds that tell stories.

We interpret story broadly, considering it in relation to fact and fiction, narration or implication, and structure or a lack of it. We also regard most history, theory and critique as stories about stories.

‘There’s a thousand sides to everything - not just heroes and villains. So anyway, … so anyway, …so anyway…”Soanyway” ought to be one word. Like a place or a river… Soanyway River.”






The magazine was founded in 2008 by Derek Horton and Lisa Stansbie. Editions 1 to 16 were edited by them. Edition 17 was edited by Claire Potter.

The magazine was relaunched in 2018 by Derek Horton and Gertrude Gibbons, and Editions 18 onwards will be found at




































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