John Hyatt & M4SK 22

The Pilot of Bee Patrol - Oure Ladye of a Saturday Night


This song arose out of a conversation between Derek Horton and John Hyatt. Derek and John were walking along Princess Street in Manchester, John on his way to an exhibition of paintings by Ford Madox Brown. Derek’s hometown, Birmingham, has a large collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Returning to these recently, Derek had been intrigued by their poetic and often lengthy titles. He told John about them, suggesting that they would make a good song lyric. That night he emailed them to John who was working on a track with m4SK22 and the titles became the lyrics sung from the capsule of the ship of The Pilot of Bee Patrol - the track was finished that night, and over the following month David Moss worked through Scottish gales and blizzards to create this Machinima….

John Hyatt (vocals) with music and imagery by M4SK 22 (David Moss and Simon Woolham).