Soanyway 16




Soanyway 16, Content[s] is a special edition, our first in print, commissioned by Corridor8 and edited by Derek Horton. Design and layout is by William Eckersley, Liam Parker, Richie Birss and the cover (illustrated here) is by Eoin Shea. Content[s] was published in an edition of 1000 in July 2012 as a supplement to Corridor8 Issue 3 Part 3. http://www.corridor8.co.uk/

Thinking about the content for this edition, we decided to go no further - with its dual implications of containment and contentment, content[s] became our theme. It contains:

Billy Cancel..... From ‘7 Easter Poems’
Alex Dipple..... Endless Column, and Progress Bars
Tom Duggan..... When it falls apart
Andrew George..... From the series ‘Articles and Particles’
Phill Hopkins..... Selected notebook drawings
Claire Potter..... Started knocking about the library around the same time
Stephanie Richardson..... Repeat Pattern
Eoin Shea..... Collages
Lisa Stansbie..... Sandettie Lightship and Shipping Lane
Anna T..... Time to get off your back