Billy Cancel

6 Autumn Poems


Infinity ledge weirds snapped it

INFINITY LEDGE ...weirds snapped it! no/w horsemen gaining
sweet. boxville Ocean Heart ...couldn’t split babe from ball
eh? ...out of the rain into ...the closet ...promise to wake me
up in time for the golden age of popular song. inconsistent
colourful ...problembodied ...embodiedit ...2&7 ice & stench
3&6 snake & flood. ...what do you get when you cross grey
wolves spreading north with night vision green flag summit?
flameout’s non-event. bare burning plains rough
thorny moors this year’s parade route relaxing
in the vast unheard i drop more oil upon the fuse.


bloody rain milk

bloody rain milk ...butter turned to blood ...that’s what i call
a drone strike. ...scoop up lake juice sludge boat ...elegant
metal skin ...daddy shell bye. groaning mind come taste
hereof for the woods were shitty thin ‘n’ sparse fact period.
lady of the milk snatch unavailable for comment. ...orange
pathway purple sky my very first very last dream in muscle
car town. ...not dead to any place ...all my switches turned
on ...deep spontaneities ...no squares not getting it ...a faster
lower sun ...clean background miracle ...before this time
another month before this time another month



state disco ball glittered our little town

state disco ball glittered our little town
every friday night i thought we were all on
star island grief hunter’s long neglected
debut changed that. trash autumn relapse.
color surplus color loss. city fantasy splice.
digital interface village stillness. grey with
lichen red with stain. positioned
in relation to chasm. fatal rhythm
theoretical neighbour. a deskilling
at stake. y’all know i’m annex?



massive outage black list

massive outage black list. minus one plus one. moonless
withdrawal. post-production spook. branch line signal
man a slice of life you shouldn't have such agitated
histories. white hot london red warm madrid white
hot los angeles red warm paris new york name sake
new york nerve shred ...blurred lost you ...off coastal
path ...in pink thorn ...knee deep low ...red cloud
glows ...headland that ...hides that leaks ...your city
behind ...damsel fair in central pavilion suffused
with light you rambled & spied remember intangible
dramatic grids



overbalanced saccharine bright metal scrap

overbalanced saccharine bright metal scrap
marked peripheries your sweet crude work
in violet hour. i just needed spark plugs for
daffodil meadow receiving station. squirm
objects all chanting the red count “lightning
can’t make it can’t.” challenging arc multiple
grotto but i’ll be wanting sun down fat meat.
pursued by a false monk our very own katrina
moment white tiles safe
green tiles alligator.



sequined arch blockbuster drugs i was fed

sequined arch blockbuster drugs i was fed
to them delays in & out of babylon so you
obliged hypocrisy took it to the bone until
dozens of gawping oddballs shall descend
why the law suit hot stuff? soon you’ll be
lean with news irretrievable in the eurozone
when i first became chairman of the security
committee glow in the dark meat.