David Steans

Violent Video Poem


A blood-covered body falls backwards through a window.

A boy's fingers are cut off and he is then stabbed in the eye.

A dog is eaten by a crocodile.

A girl's arm is cut off and she is stabbed in the forehead.

A girl's leg is severed.

A man is shot in the head.

A man is attacked with an axe.

A man strangles a woman, a woman stabs herself in the throat with scissors and a man is stabbed through the neck with a prong.

A man stabs another man with a scythe and he is then eaten by the crocodile.

A man beats a woman around the head with his hand after having tied her up.

A man impales another man on a scythe through his neck and then throws him to the crocodile.

A man pushes another man into a pond and he is then eaten by the crocodile.

A man attacks a woman and pushes her through a balustrade.

And finally a man is eaten by the crocodile.

A woman's eye is spat at whilst being stabbed with a knife.

A woman attacks two men, inflicting stab wounds and tearing flesh from one of the men's legs.

A woman starts the engine of a boat when the blades are in a man's genital area castrating him and leaving his body covered in blood in the river.

A young man is stabbed through the throat with garden shears and is carried by an assailant whilst held up by the shears.

Another young man is slashed across the forehead by shears.

Yet another attack with the shears pins a boy against a wall.

One man rapes a woman while she is being held down by other men.

A woman is hung upside-down from a post after being shot and bleeds to death.

An electric drill is placed in a man's back. Blood spurts out. He is also drilled in the chest and his body mutilated with the drill.

Another man is nailed through both hands and then killed with a drill.

A man is held and drilled in the back.

Using an axe a group of boys chop a woman to pieces and eat her hand.

Limbs are severed.

Kidnappings and imprisonments include that of a young girl.

A woman who is locked in a freezer dies as she's slowly encrusted with ice which forms from water that's sprayed onto her.

A man nearly drowns in the "juice" generated by a machine pulverizing animal carcasses.


A man's head is blasted half off with a shotgun.

 Two women are shot. Both gush blood.

A boy is nearly torn in half whilst being dragged underground through a small rock opening.

A man is suffocated with plastic.

 A woman repeatedly stomps on the stump of a man's severed leg.

A man suffocates in a bath of earth.

A man vomits and bleeds from his mouth.

A man is impaled through the mouth.

A man's throat is ripped open with a circular saw. 

A man's throat is slit and another is shot repeatedly.

A man’s head is pounded with a slab of concrete.

A homemade mace is plunged into the back of a man’s head.

After a man is shot through his eye, blood shoots across the room onto a group of men.

      A man chops off his own appendages.

An elderly man is dragged through a park.

The elderly man is thrown into a river and drowns.