David Steans



Across the ocean and above the lands

Sits a legacy for all curious eyes.

An ivory castle on a lonely peak

Where even the clouds bow down

Beneath its soaring majestic spires.

It was the dream of one king not long ago

That flustered the brow of every fair maiden.

To build for beauty, hold art above war.

Dismissing tradition and logic for lies

And following a single dream to lands end.

He sat on the banks of the river Rhine

Imagining one original palace after the next.

Maybe he shopped in the Marienplatz

For velvet loveseats and porcelain swans

To adorn the seed of his hearts content.

But now the king has been gone for years.

And Bavaria has never quite been the same

Since the death of Kind Ludwig the mad.

His castles stand proud and greet the wanderers

And journeyman, and dreamers and historians alike.

Though all are rare in craft and dripping in style

One of his lonely dreams stands above the rest.

Reaching beyond the Alpine rolling skies

Colouring heaven with a touch of human royalty.

A place any Sleeping Beauty would pray to wake.

It is here, I fell in love again, twice in the time of a year.

First with the earth, its inhabitants achievements

And the very nature that hides them in its breast.

The lakes that capture the suns final rays,

The heaving mountains with their fancy caps of snow,

The whispering cow bells carried by the gentle winds

And the serenity of the painted villages sleeping below.

The second time was with a young mate

Who accompanied me to my secret place.

To cavort once the daily bustles had calmed.

He fell for the battlements I had loved before

Understood the treasures I longed to share.

He carried me up the mountain like a princess

To her new palace on the night they were wed.

He kissed me to the whimpering of waterfalls,

Then watched on as the sun sank to bed.

Blessed be whoever may fall upon this place

Tucked into the heart of the Bavarian Alps

For this is the spot where I proudly left my heart,

And left Neuschwanstein for widened eyes to behold.


Robyn Schwartz, 2001










Across the ocean and above a land

Sits a legacy-curious, oft-eyed

Ivory castle, lonely peak

Clouds break down



One dead king and dead king dreams. 

Maidens made, give us your line - 

Build me beauty, art beats war

Logic for liars



Count near river, and on Rhine think right 

Imagine one place, next the next

Shop maybe, Platz lately

Love seats swans



King’s been years-long gone

Bavaria quiet, been same since

Poor dead Ludwig, mad kind king

Wander proud castle

Journeymen Man.


Drip rare through and all are old

Dream alone, stand or rest above.

Reach beyond the Alpine skies

Colour heaven human

Sleeping Beauty.


It’s here I fell in love,

Twice in the time of a year.

First mountain-fancied caps of snow,

Serene village paints sleep below.

Cowbell carried.


Second time - company, young mate

Come get me in a secret place

Daily bustle then kiss me

Fell for it



He carried me up and down his mountains

Like Princes in palaces

The night they were wed

The marital bed



Then watched me, on a sun sank bed.

Blessed be whoever but mainly me

Bavarian Alps now my heart

Hit the spot



David Steans (after Robyn Schwartz, 2001)