Derek Horton

The Surging Stream













The Surging Stream was shown in Democratic Promenade, an exhibition engaging with ideas around democracy and the radical, at The Bluecoat, Liverpool in 2011.

The Surging Stream uses references to crowds in literature and philosophy alongside personal reflections of football and protest crowds.

In Democratic Promenade it was shown as part of Alan Dunn’s ‘a crowd of people stood and stared’, a remix of an installation created at the Bluecoat in 1997 entitled ‘it was thirty years ago today’, which updated the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s album cover with ‘heroes’ nominated by invited artists as cut-out figures that have been in store since then. For its installation in Democratic Promenade the tableau was re-made, the four central figures replaced with four video monitors showing new films relating to contemporary visionaries and crowds, of which The Surging Stream was one.