Editorial ::: Introduction


Before or Since is unlike any other Soanyway edition. It arose out of the opportunity to publish a selection of new additions by Richard Kostelanetz to his Dictionary of the Avant Gardes. To put these in some kind of context we commissioned the English writer and publisher Michael Butterworth to interview Richard, and we first published the Dictionary entries and the interview in October 2011.

We subsequently invited new submissions that responded to the concept of the avant-garde, or to specific Dictionary entries, or to ideas and observations in the interview. Our selection from the worldwide response is now published alongside Richard and Michael's original material.

There is new writing from David Berridge and Rachel Lois Clapham, who were both among the first to respond with genuine enthusiasm to our invitation. We are also delighted to publish film and audio work from the American filmmakers Neil Needleman, Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa and Jax Deluca, and to present the work of the American composer Henry Gwiazda.

There are book works by Christina Mitrentse, Aymee Smith and Lynne Williams, poetry from Seekers of Lice and Paul Wright, as well as writing from our regular contributor Robert Clarke and a video-text work by Derek Horton, co-editor of Soanyway.

Emma Dexter has worked with the legacy of the poet, sculptor and major collector of Surrealism, Edward James, and we are pleased to present a series of images of her sculptures, as well as an extraordinary series of paintings by Alex Dipple.