Jimin Chun

Daily Drawing Diary

jimin chun
daily drawing diary


‘me’ and him.
Hello, said to ‘me’. This is pumpkin. He introduced himself to ‘me’ like that.
Yes, it was not bad.
Smile and eye, and his mood. Was not so bad.
Not really like.
As ‘me’ can say ‘me’ did not like him at once.
Not like.
Not so bad.
He smiled again.
When he smile, pretty.
‘very pretty smile he has.’
He had a such a bright colour face, no it means he is white
It means he is bright.
Full feels of bright.



Full moon was very bright, that bar, perhaps, was dark but the full moon reflected
To his bright face and his pretty smile.
Maybe why is because he is wearing
Sky blue type of shirt.
How boring he is. Thought. ‘me’ but still with good mood.
‘me’ saw a little brooch on his shirt thought
He was touching his finger and,
suddenly. He say
And ‘me’ thought, how rude is he.



What?‘me’ response with a bit, but not a bit, annoying feeling.
No, I meant your nail is ugly, you are pretty. Prettiest girl I ever met.
That does not feel better to ‘me’ however, again.
Why do you say that to ‘me’? ‘me’ like ‘me’ nail, I don’t care you feel ugly about the nail.
no I no meant that. and no. he said to ‘me’ and his face turn to sad smile.
Sad smile makes ‘me’ happy, feel
it is very beautiful.
How beautiful it is.
#the white tree dream.
hello alice
going somewhere.
to meet



the tree.
Simple but alice decided to name
White tree
it was like, something will happen. already known. coincidence but already know.
took the lift.
alice meet someone.
it was a guy, she know him, but not in this dream. maybe it would be a different dream
so, not now he will not be the main part in this dream.
Hello alice, where are you going?
A yellowish suit with bow tie, a stripe and blue colour of,
Very shiny and white teeth he have.
When alice saw his sholder till to hand, very straight and very gentle feels, he had.



Hello, again alice answered and after,
Going downstairs.
And the guy said he is going down stairs and he smiled they are going same floor.
Alice bitter smiled and said
No, not that floor.
Down stairs, very down stairs.
Oh, my mistake and laughed with very big mouth he had. Ugly, she said
The man smiled with very big mouth again, what? What did I missed?
Nothing, and bitter smiled. Again. Alice.
First the guy get out of the lift,
Need to go, wanted before.
For long time.



Do not know why alice wants to go.
Need and want.
Base – ment.
Alice and in real. Maybe not, she doesn’t know lift goes to underground but,
At that time, maybe only, arrives to base- ment.
Lots of fog.
And grey floor,
Wood sealing.
Window. It was a bit wired to have a window in the base-ment but, very
Very white and beautifully visionary tree was right there at the end.
Half in that place and half of leafs were out through the window.



A bit wind
Comes into the base -ment.
with slow breathe
long-winded and deep breathe alice tried to do.
Walk slowly and try to walk
Calm and comfort.
Alice was afraid. Poison and the beauty of the tree.
Alice thought poison and beauty, fascination and afraid always follows.
Walk one step, a bit, step and more step.
When alice steps closer and closer
The tree
Colours with white breathe fast.
Tree blow gently,
Alice walks briskly
White and beautifully but, poison.



Alice cannot stop the step and get close.
Close and si
Just beside, alice hand was sweating and her body was cold,
When alice beat fast but calls the tree with slow voice said,
I am here for you. Tree, white, poison answered,
, you are more than welcome.
Alice smiled, sad and genial smile.
Say how was your day, asked alice and not so bad the white tree answered,
Them ok I will go just beside you and
Very soft and good and sweet scent, how the white tree had.



%%tree and marathon story
perhaps 30mins and 2O’clock
pointing like that.
M and Me was walking down the street,
Holding each others had with small watermelon smell.
Hello, nice to see you again.
Yeah, answered Me and watermelon smell.
Your fragrance is much more sweeter than yesterday, thanks and you, answered
watermelon smell, but, you know I will disappear very soon as you know.
Yeah, if you I will cry but I can meet you tomorrow.



And cry for whole night and meet you again in the new fresh morning.
You know that. that is my new event and schedule of everyday,
Me answered but her eyes looks a bit sad and beautiful.
Me, tears is bright blue colour,
Watermelon and M thought they feel sad when Me cries
However beautiful
Then they decided to call that tear
pretty harm.
Me wants to cry alone every night
But she knows watermelon smell and M always watch in secretly when she cries.
Her tear, blue and a bit pink sparkles,
Walking again, and holding each other hands.
Today M hand is so warm, especially
Me hands, cool but fresh.
Me hands are prefer to others in summer daydream and M’s hand



Popular at, winter dark midnight with stars.
The warm not cool whether they meet,
They do not try to meet at summer daydream or sinter dark midnight
But always when the whether become warm and blue and fresh sky comes
Just meet in front of that “tree”,
They just
They do not need to call or text or mail,
Just meet when the whether comes.
2:30 pm.
The whether finally comes,
Oh it’s the time to meet M/Me. Let’s go out for a walk and drink a
with big big white and sweet cream.



And whisper to each other to her,
And his eye and nose and ears
And lips.
Like that.
But when there were walking down the street, and holding their hands and plus
watermelon smells, if you did not forget
People, strange. Whom never appears at that whether day,
Especially at 2:30pm,
Marathon, running.
A Man , and sports wears
But his step was not really fast, very soft and good mood
Not speedy but not too slow. Step sounds with leaf, sweet and soft but
Taste bitter, a little bit.
And lazy as well. When his training pants waves in the wind
The sound flaps very smaill to Me’s ear.
Hello Mr.
Hell “Me” he knows my name.



Do you know me, of course he answered directly.
Oh, but I do not know you and I feel sorry, for some reason.
That’s alright-with some pretty and warm smile
Me, knows that smile is very warm, because he smiled with his eye, both.
Hello again.
Yes I can say hello again.
I can see your smile, very warm in good way,
Thank you I can say yours as well, but a bit
Me was a bit shocked, how did he notice that?
And one little tears.
That tears comes to Me’s cheeks and drops to bright and speared water coloured tree.
The tree grows more and more and it becomes bigger than M amd Me and the
marathon guy.
Spread of water colour,
White, black



Blue and pink and yellow
And the water spread all over the tree and sky
It looks not separate. Together not one, but not two,
And makes M and Me and marathon guy pleased and smile.
Your beautiful tears makes the tree
Tree says hello and thank you to you.
That is good, makes me feel happy tears. Hello is a good word.
It sounds like hello is ‘ see you later always and again.’
Yes, it is. Definitely it is.
And he stand right in front of the tree, the marathon guy and say bye and bye,
Bye, bye means hello again. And hello means see you later always, again.
Yes, I know,
And he spread just with the colour,
Me drops the tears, happy but a bit lonely and M,
Dry “Me’s” tears,
Thank you and happy, see you later marathon guy,
Hello and bye, and bye.



18th floor.
Mum and Almond, very strange, just want to go to high shopping mall. One day.
That day, they felt there were many people in shopping mall.
It’s strange.
But. After a long time shopping. They think and decided to buy something.
Mum and Almond realize there are many people in here. This place was wrong. No
harmony. Something was in here and that was breaking a harmony.
Very strange thing. Kind of association. Must not stay in this place and that is not
within one’s life. And. Almond realized it. No one didn’t.
In 18th floor. Not a person, and existence. something is exist, but difficult to ignore that.
Because it is too much to close the eyes to. Subsisting thing was through away the life,
people, from 18th floor to 1st floor.
Mum didn’t realize of that thing-something or existence -. Or . ignoring. Or didn’t saw.
Almond has no idea about this.
Everyone was seems to be ignoring that. Something.
It was wired. People thrown by “that”. But. When after.



People died.
At. 1st floor. Reaction was different.
Was screaming and don’t know what to do about that kind of situation.
Almond couldn’t understand. And it was beyond to think.
But. When Almond recognize. The Subsist. May be. Nobody don’t notice about “that”.
What’s happening?
What is going on?
Whoever. They. could be embarrass.
But. Almond intend to be calm and cool and move rationality.
What is action to move rationality? Just. Ignoring just as others.
Almond has to mind to breath.
Keep time. Count the respirations.
And. Again. Breathe.
Soon. Few after minutes. Almond realize, Almond’s breath and reason was unreliable
to do anything.
Thing. The Subsist. Came to Almond.



Maybe The Subsist realizes that Almond knows about it.
What should i do.
nothing. Mum’s turn. It said. What? Almond answered, I don’t know anything but,
almond recognize what it means. Everybody would know if they’re not fool. Strict
tension and solid almond face was showing a very cold, rustle fallen leaves smile. The
being just take mum to somewhere else.
Almond have to hurry. rational than instinct. Have to take a lift. With hurry.
Almond take the lift.
Fortunately, that thing. At 18th floor could not go anywhere except that place. one relief
and a pause. And then decied to take the staid feeling away.
Can’t push 1th floor. And 2nd floor and 3rd floor either.
Maximum. The lowest floor. Let’s push- make again breath. Still. 5th floor with red light.
In the lift there were one man and a youth and one liitle boy. Also mum and almond.
A youth get off at 9th floor. Was looking mum’s purse.
Unusually. Thought almond. Hide mum’s purse. Just get off at 9th floor.
Straight off 5th floor.
Almond get off from the lift. And with one man and one little boy wants to.
Mum. With a blank look. Asked to hold her purse to one man and get on to the lift. When
the lift door closed mum get in to the lift quickly.



Almond heart. Come down. Thought.
A little gleam, just a little. Become cover to black and blank.
Suddenly. Come to oneself, almond breath and try to use stairs or lift. Just fastest way-
And then tone.
And then rough tone.
By good. Mum. Not yet arrived at that place and then meet with the being.
And almond.
Not mum. Almond.
And that thing.
Just like that. Two.
Quite. Almond thinks sometimes like today, good day to shopping, blue sky and dim and
fuzzy cloud is perfect to die.
dim; indistinct; vague; faint; fuzzy; obscure; opaque; hazy; cloudy; misty; foggy.



Han, go out at eleven o’ clock pm. At that video rental shop.
Video rental shop is a good place to borrow this or that. Han was looking for something.
Something to read. After when han return a dvd.
Nothing special. But want to borrow some book to spend time.
And. Pick up the book, 20’s age women to livelihood white paper. Decide to read it just
for spending boaring time.
A part time job boy. Staring han and trying to speak toum-
Especially that night, the summer fragrance was very dark and deep.
Um-han, you didn’t return the dvd. Which you borrowed before.
While. A boy silence make han to come to a halt atmosphere and subtly feel dizzy.
-the dvd is over there. You didn’t see. That could be possible.
Hans. Talking to oneself, continuity.



And a boy, his blunder. However want to make it pass one’s hand. Suddenly just make a
huge great smile.
No. not a laugh. A smile.
When han looked at a boy smile. Was very embarrassed. Almost be puzzled.
That eye is looking to han?
What the smile is come from? Where that smile is come from? Thought han.
The smile is beautiful or beat fast. Not that. Like that feel before something.
Of course the smile was very pretty.
And. beautiful
But. Not a fast beat. Han found a dim.
Han was confused about that feeling. Cause, well dim or unpleasant dim. Could not
remember. But.
At that time. After a vague, get gooseflesh. What a ridiculous feeling, han thought and
than cynical ideas never stop.
Unnoticed, when with so little time to spare. accidentally After that happened. Very
distasteful and fearful. Feels just like that.
be too much giddy, deadly staid. Awfully disgusting thing. Han thought again.
Overly white and clean smile is sensible of staid.
I grow dull in color.
Han, Think of that.



Han was trimmed up, outward appearance brightly. Very innocent smile, throw it away
old days before.
Han thought that is not a bad thing.
as it is, just. Han felt Admiring and stuck in a slough being.
Well. It is not easy to express. Exceedingly subjective and cynical one's gaze. Decided
Just, good for eat, good for look is enough.
on a sudden han thought a boy smile is strange.
just believe it an instant. A boy smile conscious stopped. And han open the door and
step out.
soon enough a bloody smell, summer night. Gaze to the sky, there is no planet, black
and dark, no. deafening black whole is swallowing up a summer night stars.
Moving inexperience and lost gravity step. –han.
Especially today. move about uneasily, on the other hand. perhaps.
han had a impression of shudder smile.
Han took one's way to home. with- a step is very illusory. But head is heavy by gravity,
think like that. Do not making weighty but, not heavy pace as well.



Han;s, very replicate, daily- brutality and fatal sober pure smile is: outbreaking a
inevitability life like, measure a ruler, do not want to know but, pitiful arrogance.
dreamy; dreamlike; visionary; illusory; chimerical.



Touch come to another forest.
Sourish and briny smells attack eleven o’clock’s nose.
Dizzy, can not stay at here anymore eleven o’clock consider but, shortly recover
consciousness and than start to look around.
Where is here? what place? ‘where am I’
in the least, have no idea about the situation. Snugly faraway colours devour the whole
foreset. However, surroundings, be absorbed in saturate colour of flowers and leafs
give an impulses eleven o’clock’s eye.
How much time did I break down? How many times did it passed? at the same time,
every thoughts rushed.
Still. didn’t put into shape, yet. eleven o’clock’s head full with confusion.
cannot afford to do this or that. Is this a dream? Yes. I am in dream. And haven’t
awakened from an illusion, for oneself. peace of mind. other than, eleven o’clock’s
burning heel make realizes cold-blooded the realities of life.



Walk and take a walk.
Go over the road. eleven o’clock almost lost a balance. what is in front of one's eyes, did
not accommodate surrealist environment whereas, meet a deep and sticky puddle.
AH. AH. Tried.
hot and damp summer. And yet, one thing and another makes * very tried. All day
Anyhow remember it. That day happened a lot of things. * thought.
somehow or other. Maybe * spread it by feelings more.
“hungry. Something special?” * said. Number 2 “ what do you want to eat?” answered
with gender tone.
“um. Like bread- kind of snack or something-“ number 2 surprised.
* don’t like bread, what matter, and go to refrigerator, tottering walk.
“ there is no bread, unfortunately.” Number2 start to look in the refrigerator, there is
rice, add.
I can make you something simple, as always with gender tone, suave smile.
* didn’t hate like that kind of number2.
Sharp and sensitive



* think, always number2 speak with tender tone and suave smile, is “excellent”, think
And spit in real “excellent”.
- but, sharp and sensitive * never annoy to number2.

Certain and frank personality of *, sometimes conduct oneself
extremely but,
always with refresh smile of number2, no, malice. At all.