Julia Ciesielska



on the other side of street
coupons of hope were given away as a try-out

we even unleashed
crippled thoughts
went to console their nerves in a drive-in bar
coupons wasted

now we hide from
consequence of future time
let’s take our souls to people with different faces
to world of a drunk nature
will look like
an overall tragic element
fades away


railway tracks like steel noodles
dash through twilight of habits
fall down into failure well

dreams - compartments
allot places
leaving sluggish passengers
with question ‘can I sit here’?

from darkness
reached out voice of miserable rhapsody
puts together luggage
and vague dozing off
in a state of readiness

travelers would like to earn an empty seat
wipe off details
cover up with grey scarf
suffocate with it


Sir, caught you up!
in apnoea of words
faded shyness
too short cardigan

you have released a scent tempting crowds
by material shopping bag

please, don’t turn back
i could have smashed on pavement
sensuous pink would gag mouth
pin me down
we have no bad intentions
only admire


you have inside
chandelier of indifference
hangs down
don’t give a damn about anything
spiting with discourage

red carpets of eyelids
tired and swollen
hold the grudge
not let reluctance to thwart

it is so easy to pretend not to be yourself
not to expose knowledge
at expense of somebody else childishness

go inside and turn it off
takes too much energy



she collided with reality
head – on
archeology of sadness
with bruises

bubble of blissful ignorance burst
fermented tomato juice

as from heaven
obscene words fallen down
hitting its innocent construction
with avalanche of insults

chapter where enveloped in violence moments
she looks from under curtain of lashes
tears off dead skin from the patches
which cannot be repaired

prosthesis does not hurt as much
as implies


standing still
insect set in amber
yet creeps into folds of brain
hatching eggs

clenching thirsty throats
blindly looks back on roadway
of speeded up sensations

tone of proposed toast
pepper dry
rubbed in fingers powder form
in vain

with prayers
subtle image comes undone
outline in window waiting for taxi
scent of his sperm when beats another woman
marks familiar knife in a pocket



you wish i said no more
over break up coffee
or make up coffee
yet choking in nonsense from both
wiping table stains is real
my attitude is real
saying no more

i am not defined by anything
place a label
will start shouting
better stay comfortable with who i am-
handful of pencils
angel charm
desired wedding ring
baby powder

a sort of smiling woman
hunched under orders
breaking pencils in two snaps
one two
one two
counting no more

ripe years
unlike strangers
would not cope with extra
rule of sink clogged
need a plumber to fix it
who can fix me but

i fear unknown
surprises do not do me good
outside world hisses
give a damn
cannot make things better anyway
sense of reality already blurred

do something to convince
i am wrong not
to be humble
to turn a blind eye to blatant injustice
to keep mouth shut
to say no more