Keith W Roberts

Funeral Meme

Charles Scarisbrick lived at Scarisbrick Hall between Southport and Ormskirk and was one of the wealthiest commoners in England when he died in 1860, leaving an estate of over £3,000,000.  His last request was that his coffin be carried in a straight line from the East Archway of the Hall to the Catholic Chapel at Bescar about one mile away.  His body was subsequently carried across two ditches, a potato field and meadow, before going through a hole knocked through both a brick wall and a hedge surrounding the cemetery. 



Instructions for my Executors

Lock all rooms until their contents are registered – Stop all works and pay off the workmen.

Retain one groom and boy to ride messages.

Retain Peter Rawstorne and Richard Foster for house services and Mrs Hyde to overlook until final clearance.

Retain John Wright, keeper to sleep as guard in gun room until final clearance

The other keepers discharged with one months wages.

One horse and cart and Porter the Carter – one milk cow.

All stock live and dead to be sold the week after death.

No relatives or acquaintances to be asked to funeral: strictly plain and private.

Coffin plain, homemade to be carried by six bearers Wright and Seddon, Butterworth and Rimmer and Thom Kenyon and Thom Livsey each to receive one pound.

Coffin to be carried through East archway to the second gate leading into the East meadow to follow the lower brook until opposite to the chapel wall to cross over up the hill to Mr. Hooles garden into graveyard.

No extra attendants.

Not to announce death in newspapers !

Inform my son Willimam Scarisbrick, Markt Platz, Hanau.

Any articles of plate or personals that my children may wish to keep they can the rest to be sold by auction to their advantage.


Charles Scarisbrick