Krissie Ireland

Two Poems


The Bookmark Marks


The bookmark marks… an event, a place or space, a pause, a meditation, a moment of

resignation, an arrival, departure, necessary ablutions, a thought afterthought, peace,

unease, looking up and understanding, procrastination, weariness, action, loss, the

tyranny of time, a return, an interlude, a tea-break, a bereavement of sorts, shut-eye,

down-time, routine, memory, daydreams, a sneeze, and another, and another… you

could feel it coming on.



Unexpectedly Profitable


An opening, a window without glass.

Peer through, remain unseen…..


A silver-haired cowboy speaks

To a younger dark-haired cowboy

About a problem with a cow.


Remember the way that clouds should feel.


Now a woman has joined the cowboys.

Raven-haired, tiny waist, low cut dress, red lips.

She argues with the younger man, gesticulates wildly.


He slaps her face.


The older silver-haired cowboy

(he is wearing a peach coloured shirt)

Grabs the dark-haired cowboy (smirking now)

And throws him to the ground.

He shouts.


Lay low for a while.

All is dark now in the room beyond.


The silver-haired cowboy sighs in his sleep.

The dark-haired cowboy – where is he?

The beautiful woman –

What shape is the bruise on her cheek?


A mouse moves

From under the cupboard on the right hand side of the room

To the table at the centre.

There are delicacies to be found.

No-one felt like sweeping.