Leanne Bell Gonczarow

The pink glow


Saturday, 25 October 2008: A pink glow was photographed

A pink glow was photographed hovering over London by International Celebrity Photo Agency, Xposure Photos on the 21st October 2008 and promptly circulated through online and printed media, locally, nationally and internationally. I saw the image in a free newspaper on the train to work.

Much quoted in the press was a statement issued by a representative of The Met office: "If you have very high cloud, as we did last night, you tend to get odd splodges of low cloud that will reflect the pink or sometimes orangey-pink lights of the city from all angles and stand out from the darkness of the sky. It can be truly spectacular to witness."

(From an article by Georgina Littlejohn, 21.10.08, Evening Standard)

This was the cause of much discussion, dispute and discrediting by readers of news websites and users of internet forums concerned with such ideas as the paranormal, conspiracies and digital art.


What the people are saying

Utter Rubbish | Do we ever get told the truth about anything any more? | Faulty camera perhaps? | Operation Bluebeam | Just talk about cloud, add a bit of reflection thing, then mix with a spoon of ice crystal, and voilà! | Seems to me that the governments really just don't want us to know | Look at the shape and concentration of this | our ancient ancestors | something bigger out there than paying the mortgage | Something's about to change in our world, the wheels are in motion | it is a 14-10-2008 lightship one week late | UFO's use magnetism to travel through space at speeds greater than those of light and electricity | Earth's magnetism is being prepared | Why only last week I saw purple, yellow and luminous green clouds | An everyday event | Amazing what audio-visual technology the military has at its disposal | Hadron Collider side effects | This is plea from Mother Nature to change our ways | That is no cloud | Hot flaming pink (and I am an artist, I know) WILL NOT be reflected that strongly as a colour | He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red | Chemical accident from a secret experiment | pink lights for breast cancer awareness | Credit Crunch | How lovely. What a beautiful picture. | The bible says in the End Days we must look to the sky to witness odd lights and the moon turning red | its not a UFO, but I’m not sure I buy this "lights of the city" thing | What this can be? I think chemical cloud...or from fire show. | I think these pictures were taken by a Canon camera, mine does this all the time | Aurora Borealis from the Pole, or what scientists call a sprite | Martian am radio beam riding the visible light spectrum | the crystals in the sky creating a colour from the shine of the sun | how about a pink ghost? It's plausible you know | Doesn't look like city light reflections to me. Doesn't even look much like a cloud.


A sighting

Last night I saw the pink glow for myself over The Strand, London.

My mobile phone camera did not fully capture the phenomenon.


Another sighting

I saw the pink glow again on the 8th November while waiting to watch a firework display on the Southbank, London. It was dispersing and re-forming in cloud-like fashion, varying in intensity of colour as it did so. By the time the fireworks started it had disappeared entirely.

I was unable to take a satisfactory photograph of the glow or the fireworks.


November and December 2008

Life goes on. The pink glow hovers at the back of my mind, colouring my thoughts.


Chinese candle light

A day in early December. Sunlight enters my living room. It illuminates a red lacquered Chinese noodle flask, casting pink light on to the wall behind an extinguished candle.



The developing narrative of the pink glow will be added to in Leanne Bell Gonczarow’sblog, http://www.thepinkglow.blogspot.com/