Michael Hampton

No flowers for Comrade Stalin

In memoriam Charles Harrison 1942-2009


a post-Soviet cut up

The Central Committee Victims of MMM! Here’s a chance to get your money back. Call now 449-37-541[1] states that over recent years literature and art have made considerable advances both qualitative and quantitative, the Soviet Union was itself just a gigantic art installation[2] on the basis of the significant progress of Socialist construction.

A few years ago, the influence of alien elements, especially those revived by the first years of NEP, Grisly scenes emerged: Chechen gunmen lying bullet-ridden in the corridors, their female comrades, explosives strapped to their waist, slumped in their seats[3]was still apparent and marked. At this time, when the cadres of proletarian were still weak, the Party helped in every possible way to create and consolidate marginalise and exile special proletarian organs in the mine field of literature and art in order to maintain the position of proletarian writers and SAUVE QUI PEUT workers.

At the present time the cadres of proletarian literature and art have managed to expand, new writers In plain speech it is called a Black Fox and the liquid is a blackish brown of moderate strength and a staunch aroma that is really not an aroma, but a hymn. A hymn of democratic youth, because this cocktail fosters vulgarity and dark forces in the drinker[4] and artists have come forward from the factories, plants and collective farms, but the confines Malevich, Chlebnikov, Tatlin -shared this dream of flying through the cosmos, alone and weightless[5] of the existing proletarian literature and art organizations (VOPP, RAPP, RAPM, etc.) are becoming too narrow and are hampering the serious development of artistic creation a fully-fledged Gangster State. This factor creates a danger: these organizations might change from being an instrument for the maximum mobilisation of Soviet writers and artists for the tasks I had a small sack with two bottles of Hero City vodka and a burning desire to succeed. But that was all. No real plan. An outline, a shape [6] of Socialist construction to being an instrument for cultivating elitist withdrawal and loss of contact with the political tasks Only here! And just for YOU! Damaged ice-cream at half the price! [7] of contemporaneity and with the important groups of writers and artists who sympathise with Socialist construction.

Hence the need for Wild West Capitalism the appropriate reconstruction of literary and artistic organizations and the extension of the basis of their activity.

Following from this, Like many contract murderers in Moscow, he left the weapon, an Izh pistol with a silencer, at the scene of the crime [8] the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik) decrees

      • Liquidation of the Association of Proletarian Writers (VOPP, RAPP).
      • Integration of all writers who support the corrupt platform of the Oligarchs Soviet Government and who also aspire to participate in Socialist construction in All Soviet images and things were originally about narration and illustration [9] a single union of Soviet writers with a Communist faction therein.
      • Execution of analogous changes with regard to other arts.
      • Charging of the Organizational Bureau We left the cemetary and I motioned Gleb to get into the back of Dronsky’s car[10] with working out practical measures for the fulfilment of this revolution.

[1]Alexei Plutser-Sarno, Notes from Russia (FUEL 2007) p.23; an amateur collection of public notices from Russia’s unofficial economy, often to be found pasted on lamp-posts and bus shelters, including dodgy job offers, grievances, love letters, warnings, lost dogs and cats etc. ‘MMM’, a massive stock market fraud or Ponzi scheme, scammed 2 million ordinary Russians out of approximately $1.5 billion in the mid nineties, and was also one of the first companies in Russia with a logotype, and slogans such as "Flying from shadow to the light"that almost perversely echo Suprematist ideals.

[2]Boris Groys, Ilya Kabakov -The Man Who Flew into Space from his Apartment (Afterall Books 2006) p.33; this phrase is from a secondhand copy, that has been highlighted throughout.

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[4]Venedikt Erofeev, Moscow to the End of the Line (Northwestern University Press 1992) pp.67-8; i.e. ‘Methylated Spirits 100g/Velvet Beer 200g/Refined Furniture Polish 100g’. WARNING! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

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Michael Hampton

Battersea, London 2009/10