Rob Voerman

Tarnung & Epicentre







On the work of Rob Voerman

Until recently, my graphic art as well as my sculptures were defined by a dialogue, on one side the forms and archaic appearances of the farmer’s life and on the other the forms of modern technically developed society. With its apparently improvised constructions, the work recalls the anonymous architecture of sheds that can be seen on small farms and in gardens. Modern architecture, machines, spacecraft, etcetera were partially transformed and integrated by this archaic way of building. These constructions seem to reveal a certain self-destructive force, failure and even danger; certainly also a reaction to the over organised Dutch society in which danger, decay, disorder and uncertainty is systematically excised from day to day life.

Some years ago, I started a body of work in which I try to create the architecture of fictive communities living in remote areas or occupying existing city-landscapes. The communities will consist of a mixture of utopia, destruction and beauty, a symbiosis of hippie-communities from the 70’s, with their often highly decorated self-built structures, the cabin of the Uni-bomber hidden in the Montana forests, art-deco, shanty-towns and other influences: Romanticism combined with the grim qualities of terror. It is often a direct translation of destruction in a purely aesthetic form. The work is an attempt to react to a rapidly changing society, an attempt to flee from it and an attempt to reflect on it without any moral judgment.