Stephen Bett

Sound Off


Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber

crusty…tectonic funk of Miles Davis’
Dark Magus and Agharta bands

Bill Milkowski

Not Brown Sugar
—a band with something
to say

Lean into tone conversations
the ensemble echo chamber
Splashes of argot color, triple-X
axes, rhythm section,
horns & voices
(bells & whistles
squeaks & squawks
in the risible ark)

Rollick on a groove
soul-infused funk
—all the way over
improv-pure sprawl
to “Eno-meets-Teo”
laptop sound-
(I don’t know
what I’m doing
neither do we)

Listen up!

Yup, we’re thinking
Sun Ra
right back to our
unrisen, easy
gone youth



Jesse Cook


Quality smooth jazz

Guilty pleasure

All the way from
the Coach House
to our house

Enough guilt there
for two,




Julia Hülsmann Trio


A little ponderous, yes
—but in a totally good

a Manfred Eicher way
an ECM way

a Zen less-is-more

Like the chorus—
strophe, then

Here / There
in confident measure

Wander into each corner
to hear how
it sounds

Beauty will ponder

That’s what it
does best
—& in good